TRI-TRONICS designs and manufactures high-quality high-performance photoelectric sensors

TRITRONICS Through-Beam Sensor

Ultra-low-power design features a receiver current of 10mA and a transmitter current of 5mA. Ideal for battery powered automated vehicles!


Label sensor with durable metal housing that provides visual confirmation of proper setup and function. Detects clear and opaque labels on clear and opaque webs.

TRITRONICS Contrast Sensor

High-speed, high-resolution registration mark sensing. Able to meet the demands for precision registration control on high-speed packaging machinery.

TRITRONICS True Color Sensor

Detects minute color and shade variations. Color match meter simultaneously monitors up to four digital outputs. This is the most feature packed color sensor available.

Miniature Push Button Sensor

Versatile for a wide range of automated machine control applications and simple to set-up using our unique one-touch AUTOSET™ routine. EZ to align and EZ to adjust.

Ultra-High-Speed Label Sensor

10x faster than standard LABEL•EYE. Increases speed and accuracy of label applying, counting, printing and inspecting tasks. Ultra easy one button set-up.


Senses a large variety of opaque and semi-transparent adhesive labels on opaque webs. Automatic one-touch sensor… not the conventional "teach mode" sensor. Set-up is simple!

Opacity Mode Gap Sensor

Detects printed registration marks on most packaging materials on a continuous web. The “one-touch” set-up enables the sensor to be adjusted with a single push of a button.